Saturday, May 1, 2010

MONSTER May Giveaway!!!

May is here bringing with it spring flowers, sunshine, Mother's day and Romaine's Monster May Giveaway!

Everyone likes to win prizes and I am no exception. Love U Parties President, Ducky Doolittle recently set out a challenge to all of her Love U Consultants. She wants each of us to get more hits on our online store fronts and get people shopping for new and exciting toys. Afterall, we are trying to build our Love U businesses and the only way to do that is with the support of our friends. The Love U Parties Consultant that does the biggest business and gets the most site traffic is going to win a prize from Ducky. I WANT TO WIN!!! What can I say? I am a competitve lesbian that hates to lose! The only way for me to win this competition is with your help.

Now, I'm not going to ask for something with out giving something in return. That is just not my style. So I thought long and hard. What could I do to Urge my fans to help me win??

How about giving away the most expensive and kick ass toy in the Love U Parties catalog? You know the one I just reviewed on this blog a couple of days ago?

(get it, urge you to help me win?)

Love U Parties was the first company to introduce this new toy. It is amazingly beautiful in design and function. Urge is a remote controlled vibrating bullet vibe. It is made out of anodized aluminum that has sections coated in silicone. Both men and women will enjoy Urge. Men can use it for an external P-spot massage or on nipples and other sensitve areas. Women can use Urge on their clits, tits or inside their va jay jay. Lesbotz your partner can insert this toy while fucking you with a strap on and get off at the same time. All the while the toy is controlled by a wireless remote! There are so many options that I could go on for hours. But I won't.

Let's get to the logistics of this giveaway. Because I know that is what you want to know!

Every individual that makes a purchase during the month of May at The Dildo Whisperer's Online Store will have their name placed in a drawing held on June 1, 2010 and will be eligble to win an Urge (Valued at $180). I want you to know that when you support my small business that I really appreciate your support. That's why I want to make sure I give away the very best prizes!
But wait, there is more!

In addition, to being entered to win an Urge any individual who orders $100 or more in product during the month of  May will recieve a special gift personally sent you by Romaine. It could be a Love U Bullet, a Light Me Up Vibe, a Him Cream or a 12g tube of Cool Mint. You won't know until you get your gift in the mail.
Think I'm done? Think again!

Any individual who spends $200 or more during the month of May at The Dildo Whisperer's Online Store will get the free gift from Romaine AND be entered into a second drawing for another Urge. Doubling your chances to win!

If this isn't a MONSTER May Giveaway I don't know what is!!! You've got to be in it to win it!!! I need your help bitches and I can't wait to reward you with some of these AWESOME Prizes. Now, I Urge you to get shopping. You only have until May 31st at 11:59pm EST to make your purchases. Stop reading and get shopping! What are you waiting for????

Fine Print:
Eligibility is from 12:00am EST on May 1, 2010 until 11:59pm EST on May 31, 2010. All individuals who order during this time frame will be entered to win an Urge valued at $180. Every individual that orders $100 or more will receive a special gift from Romaine in the form of one of the following: Love U Bullet, Light Me Up Vibe, Cool Mint 12g, or Him Cream (unscented on leather scented) in addition to being entered into the first drawing. All individuals who order $200 or more in product during this time frame will also be eligible to win in the second drawing for an Urge valued at $180, plus they will receive the free gift from Romaine. In the event the same person, wins both Urge drawings they will be able to select a different item from the Love U Parties catalog.  All Drawings will be held on June 1, 2010 and winners will be notified by email. Winners will then have 10 days to claim their prize. Winners will be announced on this blog by June 5, 2010. All gifts from Romaine will be sent out no later then June 5, 2010. Any questions can be sent to