Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Give Thanks to Your Partner- Part 2

Last week, I shared with you a toy that partners can use together. A toy that you normally wouldn't think of  as a couples toy. This week I thought I would share with you another fun toy for any couple out there looking to spice things up and build trust in your relationship. At some point in virtually every relationship there is a conversation with your partner where you discuss the option of getting tied up during sex. Sometimes there is a strong interest and sometimes there isn't. For most people the reason they say, "no way" is because they fear being tied up and having their partner leave them tied to the bed while they leave the room. We have all seen this scenario in a tv show or movie at some point. It is for this very reason that a company called Sportsheets came to be. The founder wanted to create light bondage gear that was not only easy to use but easy to escape from. This give both partners a sense of control even while building a fantasy involving bondage. Check out a couple of fun toys you can try with your partner. Enjoying bondage without fear.

These amazing straps go under your mattress and provide an anchor on your bed to connect your cuffs to. They are easy to install and can be tucked under your mattress when not in use. Now you don't have to have the perfect bed to have some bondage fun. Pretty cool if you ask me. The cuffs that sportsheets makes are all velcro and easy to remove even if you are the one wearing them. They attach to the Under The Bed Restraints with a small double sided hook. (like the kind at the end of a dog leash). Trust me when I say these restraints are some of the best and easiest to use on the market. Sportsheets thinks of everything! 

When you are ready to move your sex life from the bed to other areas of the house Sportsheets has you covered there as well. They have all kinds of fun toys that you can use just about everywhere. They even have a line of toys designed for sex in the shower.

Sex in the Shower Dual Locking Handle

Get a handle on your sex life while enjoying a fun and playful shower with your partner. This handle gives you something to hold onto while getting into just the right position for shower sex. It gets slippery in the shower but now you can bang without the fear of falling.

Sex in the Shower Foot Rest

Hike you leg up and let your lover enter from behind. This nifty foot rest helps you get into all the right positions for fun sexual play in the shower.

Vibrating Sponge

Last but not least, add a little buzz to your scrub a dub dub. This vibrating sponge has a hidden vibrator that will help you get off while getting it on in the shower.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and now is a good time to give thanks to your lover for all the exciting play you have had all year long. Given the fact that I am doing a month long "Giveaway A Day" at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store there is no better time to get to shopping for a gift for your partner in crime. Every one is different when it come to sex and the toys they like which is why I am going to be doing a series of "Thank You" inspired gift ideas that you can buy and use with your partner. So let's get started, shall we?

I know you are thinking to yourself how can a masturbation sleeve be a couples toy? Men love blow jobs. They love it even more when their partner swallows their load. There is just something about the feeling that makes just about every man feel satisfied. But not everybody likes to swallow and some times our mouths just aren't designed to fit a whole penis in them. So for that reason Dildo Whisperer follower I present to you the Sidekick. Pick one of these lil guys up and before you know it you will completely change how you give a blow job or a hand job for the better.

Let's talk about how to use it. When giving a hand job or a blow job with the help of Sidekick you want to make sure that you put a little lube inside it so it slides on nice and smooth. Try to avoid getting the lube on the outside of it or your hands because that can make handling this toy a little challenging. For Blow Jobs use your favorite flavored lube so everything tastes a lil better. Once you slide the Sidekick on your man's shaft you can get to work stroking up and down. If just giving a Hand Job remember to focus on the head of the penis as well as the shaft. For Blow Jobs use one hand to stroke this shaft with the Sidekick while your mouth focuses on the head of his penis. This will give him full coverage and the sensation of being deep throated without you having to worry about a pesky gag reflex. When your man is getting ready to climax take your hand and wrap your fingers around the Sidekick at the base of his cock. Your hand is going to be operating as a make shift cock ring for a few seconds. Using your other hand keep moving the Sidekick up and down his shaft. Seconds before he comes grab the top portion of the Sidekick pulling it up over the head of his penis. This will create a suction inside the Sidekick that will literally SUCK the cum right out of your guy. He will get the sensation of the "swallowing" of his load with out you actually having to swallow. Pretty cool huh?

For more fun Couples tips keep coming back to the blog all month long as I share more Give Thanks To Your Partner sex tips and don't forget I am doing a "Giveaway A Day" every day all month long to shoppers of the Dildo Whisperer Online Store. So shop now for your chance to win a great prize!

If you have a question for the Dildo Whisperer email her at romaine@eatromaine.com or shop at her online toy store at www.eatromaine.com.

Monday, November 1, 2010

NOVEMBER!!! A Giveaway -- A DAY!!!

That's right folks! November is here and it is time for the biggest Dildo Whisperer Giveaway YET!! I don't know about you but I can't believe that it is November already. That means that the Dildo Whisperer Online Store has been up and running for 1 year!! Through out this past year I have learned a lot. Like people don't buy as many sex toys in the summer because they are spending all their free time outside and not indoors having sex. Who knew? I have also learned that more and more people are giving sex toys as gifts to their friends, partners and sometimes they just buy a gift for themselves. But the most important thing I have learned this year dear Dildo Whisperer follower is that you LOVE BIG GIVEAWAYS!!!

So let's get to giving stuff away shall we? Let me tell you how it is going to work. There are 30 days in the month of November and I will be giving away a prize each and EVERY day all month long. Every day I will look at the people who have ordered on that day and I will randomly select a winner for the day. That person will then get a prize in the mail from me. Now, let me let you in on a little secret. In a typical month I have about 35 customers. So how many do you think I have on a single day? All you have to do is pick a day with very few shoppers and well...you are smart and can figure this out.

Okay, so you get how the giveaway works and now I bet you want to know what kind of prizes I am going to be giving away right? Some days I might tell you ahead of time what the prize of the day will be but most days I will randomly select the toy and then select the winner. Just know that every day there  will be a fun prize to be won. I will also announce the winner of the day on my Facebook page www.facebook.com/romaine33 so follow along there to find out if you have won. Below you will find the list of items that will be given away. Some items will be given away more then once. Also, take notice that all of these prizes are great but there are a a few of them in there that are exceptional!!

Boy Butter- $17 Value
Slimline G- $30 Value

Monday, October 18, 2010

Masturbation Sleeve Question Answered!

Hey Romaine,
I've been listening to the DNR show going on 6 years now (off and on) and am a fan of your dildo whisperer segment. I recently began thinking of getting a sleeve to masturbate with but am not sure which one would be the right "fit" for me. On your site, there are two (Sidekick and Reversible Stroker) that I thought could be a good starting point but am interested in getting your advice on which one would you recommend I should start with. I've never used any toys so exploring this arena is a new frontier, so to speak.

The Dildo Whisperer's Response

For a first time sleeve I would recommend the Side Kick.
Compared to the Reversible stroker it is much easier to clean and less up keep. The Reversible requires a little bit of extra attention to keep the material feeling soft and Side Kick you can always move up to the other strokers like the Stroker X and try them on for size. Not all strokers are created equal each one has its own unique qualities.


When you pick up a stroker you should pick up a good lube as well. I recommend Boy Butter for men when they are looking for a good masturbation lube. It is nice and thick and creamy. Try it and I bet you will agree it truly improves things.

I hope that helps and let me know if you ever have any other questions.

Your Dildo Whisperer

If you have a sex or sex toy related question you would like to ask the Dildo Whisperer just send her an email at romaine@eatromaine.com. Don't forget you can find many of the toys she talks about at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lasting Longer Question Answered!

So I have been listening to your program for about a year now and I must say that both you and Derek are just amazing. Anywho, I have a question that I want to ask. I am too shy to call so I decided to email. Ok just to be clear I am a gay man; so the question is when I am in a relationship with a partner and we go to have sex I am usually the bottom. However, every now and then I like to top my partner my problem is that I cant last long. As I enter I seem to blow quickly no matter how hard I try to hold back. It is just kind of a let down when I want to make it last long. Do you have any ideas on how to make this better or suggestions?
The Dildo Whisperer's Response
Hey Jim,

I have a couple of ways to help you deal with this issue.
1. You could get a desensitizing lube like Durex Play Longer and put that inside the your condom before fuckintg your boyfriend. That will help you from getting off as quickly by numbing up your dick a bit. Rememeber less is more when using this type of lube and you should follow the directions carefully.

2. This solution is going to require a little practice on your part but will have a longer lasting impact for you. When you masturbate I want you to pay close attention to your balls right before you cum. You will feel them pull up into your body just a bit as they prepare to shoot your load. Next, time you are masturbating and feel this sensation I want you to very carefully pull your balls back down and lay off the stroking for a few moments. This will keep you from cumming. Once you have regained your composure I want you to resume stroking. If you practice this excercise while masturbating you will find that you will over time be able to last longer. It is all about training your body to do what you want it to do and when!
3. The third and final option is to try a cock ring. Get a leather one that snaps or velcros or you could try a nice neoprene one and place your cock and balls throught it. This will prevent the blood from flowing out of your cock making you feel larger and harder. It will also prolong your orgasm a bit. You can even wear one as you are using either of the other two options mentioned above.

Velcro Cock Ring

I hope this helps. Let me know if you ever need any other ideas.
Your Dildo Whisperer

If you have a sex or sex toy related question you would like to ask the Dildo Whisperer just send her an email at romaine@eatromaine.com. Don't forget you can find many of the toys she talks about at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Question about Lube

I need some help .... my husband is dead set on using Ky because he likes the viscosity of it but it tends to dry out to quickly for me... Is there something you can recommend that's like a silicon gel to make us both happy, and another one for toy play.

Wet just came out with a new lube called Synergy.

It is pretty think and it is a combination water/silicone base so it won't dry out but should feature the qualities that he likes in KY. You can pick up Wet Synergy from my friends over at www.cheaplubes.com. Or you can always choose from the great selection of lubes that I carry at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store. I think you would like the Boy Butter H2O.

You need to stress to your partner the importance of having a good lube and one way of doing that is by explaining that the chemistry of lube has come along way since the days of KY. After all KY was not designed to be used for sexual intercourse. It was designed to be a surgical lubricant for doctors to use during exams. Today, we have lubes being specifically designed for the friction caused by intercourse. These lubes glide better and provide a much safer sexual experience. So tell your guy you need to make a switch for health and safety reasons and I think he will be shocked by the quality of lubes available.

Your Dildo Whisperer
If you have a question that you would like answered by the Dildo Whisperer send it via email to romaine@eatromaine.com.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Questions Answered!

So I have been getting a ton of questions lately at my email address romaine@eatromaine.com from people asking all kinds of stuff about sex and sex toys. I figured that instead of just answering their questions I would post some of the questions and answers I provided here on the Dildo Whisperer Blog. Names will always be changed to protect the identity of the person asking the question. 

I am looking to get a strap on. Do you suggest the beginner kit. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey BN,
Thanks for emailing me. I am happy to help you find the right strap on. I like to buy my harness and dildo seperately so I can pair the best toys to fit my needs. Sometimes when you buy a kit you get a great harness but the wrong size toy. Buy buying them seperately you build a strap on that is just right for your needs.
For the sake of this email I am going to suggest only a few items but if you want some other options let me know and I will look into a few for you.
Let's start with a couple of harness options.

Velvet Vibrating Harness
This harness is comfy to wear and have a small bullet vibe to clit stimulation of the wearer. Not a super expensive harness and a good beginner one. It has a snap in O ring that can be switched out for other sized dildos and it is machine washable. 

Not sure what the size is of who will be wearing the harness but if you are a big girl like me you might want to check out this harness:
Diva is a harness made to fit a bigger body but it also has a wider strap to help keep the harness close to your body during use. It also features the snap in O rings that can be switched out for smaller or larger dildos. 
This next one is a little more high end and made of leather.

This harness has a Jock Style strap in the back and features a snap out O ring that can be changed to  so you can use any size dildo. 
OKAY Now Let's talk dildos--- I am going to recommend getting a goold silicone dildo. Silicone is made to last so one of these dildos will last you a life time.


This is a nice average size dildo with a nice g-spotting series or ridges down the shaft. It is made by Tantus and is made out of a high quality Silicone and features a flared base so it will fit nicely in a harness. 


I little bit shorter then the Charmer but is specifically designed to stimulate the g-spot because it features a slight curve. 
It is made by Tantus and is made out of a high quality silicone and also has a flared base so it will fit nicely in a harness. 

These are a couple of good places to start but if they aren't exactly the right fit for what you are looking for let me know and I can offer a few more suggestions.

Your Dildo Whisperer

Most of the items mentioned above can be purchased at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store. IF you have a question you want the Didlo Whisperer to answer send it to her at romaine@eatromaine.com

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August Giveaway

It is time for the August Dildo Whisperer Store Giveaway!!!

Given how much all the Dildo Whisperer Fans seem to to enjoy our monthly giveaways I decided to make this month a simple one. Every customer who makes a purchase at the Dildo Whisper Online Store will be entered into a drawing. At the end of the month the winner will have their choice between the following items: 

Petite but powerful, sleek and silent, Vantage is perfectly designed to align with the external curves of your body. Crafted from exceptionally hygienic and durable raven black silicone and anodized aluminum. Accenting the piece, the aluminum controller houses a single button that glows a gentle pink as you scroll through five speeds of vibration. Rechargeable and waterproof.

OR you can choose the:

Rude Boy and Sidekick Package
This curved probe is made to gently rock against the prostate for an amazing massage while the nubs on the base rub externally on the taint. A removable vibrator is an added bonus. This toy was designed for solo play. Rocking on the Rude Boy is oh so good!
Sidekick is a stretchy, soft, open ended TPR shaft sleeve with delicious ribbed interior. Or turn it inside out for smooth stroking action. Use with lots of Lube. Perfect for the shower.

But I know how much you guys love extras so for the month of August every person who purchases between $100-$199 in product will be sent a bottle of Love U Water Lubricant by your good friend Romaine. 

Those of you who spend $200 or more will be sent a Flesh Jack by the Dildo Whisperer! 

With great giveaway items like this what reason do you have not to shop at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store today? Don't forget school will be starting up soon so make sure that college kid you know goes to school with the safest sex option available a new sex toy! 

Fine Print:
This giveaway runs from Aug. 1, 2010 12:00 am EST until Aug. 31, 2010 11:59 pm EST.  The drawing will be held on Sept. 1, 2010 from all eligible customers. The winner will be notified by email on or before Sept. 5, 2010 and will have 10 days to claim their item. 
All items sent by Romaine Patterson will arrive separately from your order placed online at the Dildo Whisperer Store. All items will be shipped by Sept. 5, 2010. 
Please send any questions to romaine@eatromaine.com

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Last Clue for the July Giveaway!

Last clue for the hot July giveaway: 

"You have one Last Day to walk away with a brand new flesh jack!" 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sex Toy of the Day 7/13

Today's Toy is:

Quiver is an easy to handle toy that is designed to stimulate the entire vulva. It has a strong motor that is located in the tip for clit stimulation and the soft texture (TPR Rubber) of the this toy will feel pleasing to the touch. This 3 speed toy can also be used to give a nice shoulder massage. Quiver is brand new to the Love U Parties line and the Dildo Whisperer Store and is sure to be a big seller!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sex Toy of the Day 7/11 and another clue!

Today's Toy is....


Acute is a high quality silicone dildo is the perfect size. It isn't overly large and isn't small either. It has a flared base making it perfect for harnessing or butt play. It also features a nice curve that will make your g-spot or p-spot very happy. The Acute has been a top seller at the Dildo Whisperer Store for the past month. Don't you wanna see what tons of people have already discovered?

Another Clue for the Hot Nights of July Giveaway:

On this day, while sailed away I took a wife. 

Oh and the answer to the last clue (the poem titled "Answer July") the answer was 7. Why because the answer was July and July is the 7th month. So if you ordered on July 7th you will be receiving a Lime Double Bullet Vibe in the mail from me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Second Clue

This clue it a bit harder to figure out but trust me the answer is staring you in the face.

"Answer July—
         Where is the Bee—
             Where is the Blush—
         Where is the Hay?

  Ah, said July—
            Where is the Seed—
            Where is the Bud—
            Where is the May—
            Answer Thee—Me—"
-  Emily Dickinson, Answer July

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JULY = Hot Days and Even Hotter Nights!

Hot Days and Even Hotter Nights!

Time for another Romaine Dildo Whisperer Giveaway. Last month you may recall that I gave away a $150 shopping spree to one lucky Dildo Whisperer Online Store customer but I have something even better for you this month. I'm building a business with this online store and I want to ensure that you not only come and buy great sex stuff from me but that you come back and buy often! It was this thought that inspired this month's Dildo Whisperer Giveaway.

Are you ready to go on a Treasure Hunt??

Here is how it is going to work:
I've selected 5 days in the month of July to pick as giveaway days! Any person that places an order at the Dildo Whisperer Online store on one of those days will get the prize for that particular day. There are five days so there will be 5 different prizes. Keep an eye on this blog during July because you just never know when I will give you a hint as to which days might be a winner.

Prize #1: The Fleshjack!

Listeners have heard me talk about this toy on the show many times. The fleshjack is a cyberskin material that feels amzaing on your penis. Plus, the plastic case has a cap on the end so you can adjust the suction inside the toy as you stroke. Easy to clean and fun to use.

Prize #2: Lime Double Bullet Vibe

Lime is a great take on an already fun toy. The bullet vibe style toy has been around forever but with Lime you get twice the fun. Use this toy on your nip, your clit or keep one and share the other with your partner!

Prize #3: Love U Water Lubricant

Every toy box should have a good bottle of lube in it. With Love U Water Lubricant you get a great lube that will never get sticky.

Prize #4: Light Me Up Vibe

This is a Light Me Up version of the famous "Pocket Rocket". I never have sex without one of these little toys near by. They are the perfect one speed easy to use toys for your clit. They run on a single AA battery and will keep you happy for a good long time!

Prize #5: FleshJack

So good I decided that the Fleshjack deserved two days! Plus, with the addition of all our new men's products at Love U Parties you guys have even more reason to shop!

Now, that you know the prizes all you have to do is pick which days you want to place your order on. Remember EVERYONE who places an order on one of the 5 special days will win the prize for that day. Want to up your chances of winning? Order  from the Dildo Whisperer Online Store and order often! Good luck Bitches and remember to keep an eye on the blog this month as I may just give some clues on which days might be winners.

What do you know about Thurgood Marshall?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ooooh that's the SPOT!!!

Over the years most people will experience several different toys. If they know that they like or have read this here blog then they know how to pick a really good toy for their body. Then they come across a toy that just curls their toes. This happened to me once. I knew I liked really good G-spotting toys. At that point in my life I was not a fan of hard toys like glass or acrylic but to be fair it was only because I hadn't really given them a chance. I was doing the radio show one night and one of the ladies from Babeland stopped by to show off some of the new toys that had out that month. (Side note: this was always my favorite interview of the month because it meant I got a bunch of new free sex toys!) On this particular month the Babeland lady had brought a toy called, the Lumina Wand! It was a beautiful acrylic toy that featured this lovely g-spot curve. It was a stunning pink color that made it look like a yummy lollypop. I took it home that night and gave it a try. Wowza!!! You'll understand why in a few minutes.

Needless to say it was my new favorite toy for the next month and until the next batch of sex toys. For years after that I would take it out and play with it often. Then I went to recommend it to a friend one day and they were no longer carrying it at Babeland. I was very sad but I decided I would keep my eyes out if I ever found another toy like it.

Guess what? About 2 weeks ago a brand new toy was added to the Love U Men's Catalog. The first thing I thought was this is the perfect replacement for my Lumina Wand. Allow me to introduce you to:

Spot On Glass Dildo (who names these things?)

Now, before I go on any further I want to share with you the description of this toy at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store:

"Let’s face it, some of our hottest spots are just around the next curve, be it your G-spot or your prostate. This lovely curved toy can help you reach for it. Keep a firm grip on one end, insert the toy one to two inches, with the tip pointed towards your navel - and you’re spot on. Rock your toy gently for a deep tissue massage and potential orgasmic response."

This gives you a good idea of how Spot On is used right? But let's talk about some of the aspects of Spot On that this description left out. First, Spot On is made of glass and we all know I am a fan of glass toys. They go in so smooth. You don't get the friction upon entry that you do say from a toy made out of silicone or rubber. Then there is the firmness factor. Hard toys work really well on g-spot and p-spot massages. The g-spot in particular like to be stroked with a little bit of pressure and hard toys make that much easier to do. But perhaps my favorite aspect of Spot On is the temperature play. I love the feeling of a cool toy entering my body. Glass warms up to your body temp very quickly so you get that sensation followed by the warmth of the toy after less then a minute. You can also warm up or cool down a glass toy by dipping it in a glass or warm or cool water before using it. Sensational! 

Materials: Glass
Lube: Love U Water or Love U Silicone
Cleaning: Soap and Water, Boilable, Dishwasher Safe
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars 

I plan on adding Spot On to my personal collection this month knowing I will love it just as much as my old Lumina Wand if not more! If you want to get a Spot On for your personal collection what are you waiting for? June is the perfect month to get a new toy because I am giving away a $150 free shopping spree to the Dildo Whisperer Store to one lucky customer this month! Don't wait get to buying yourself this lovely toy today! 

Friday, June 4, 2010

June Shopping Spree!!

It is time to shop till you drop!

I've said it a million times that I simply love giving stuff away. I can't help but want to reward the amazing people who have been supporting my online store. In the past few months I have been trying to put together promotions that I thought you might enjoy. I love picking the prizes but I thought for the month of June I would let one lucky person pick their own prize. It is time for a Dildo Whisperer Shopping spree!!! 

Here is how this month's promotion is going to work. Every person who makes a purchase at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store will be entered into a drawing for a $150 shopping spree at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store. You can buy anything you want! So for all you people out there wanting to add a beautiful luxury toy to your collection or a bunch of fun smaller stuff here is your chance.  So start making your wish list now and good luck bitches!

Fine Print: Every individual that makes a purchase at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store will be eligible for the drawing to be held on July 1, 2010. The winner will be awarded a $150 shopping credit for any purchase from Romaine Patterson's Love U Parties business. The winner will be reached via email following the drawing. 

Saturday, May 1, 2010

MONSTER May Giveaway!!!

May is here bringing with it spring flowers, sunshine, Mother's day and Romaine's Monster May Giveaway!

Everyone likes to win prizes and I am no exception. Love U Parties President, Ducky Doolittle recently set out a challenge to all of her Love U Consultants. She wants each of us to get more hits on our online store fronts and get people shopping for new and exciting toys. Afterall, we are trying to build our Love U businesses and the only way to do that is with the support of our friends. The Love U Parties Consultant that does the biggest business and gets the most site traffic is going to win a prize from Ducky. I WANT TO WIN!!! What can I say? I am a competitve lesbian that hates to lose! The only way for me to win this competition is with your help.

Now, I'm not going to ask for something with out giving something in return. That is just not my style. So I thought long and hard. What could I do to Urge my fans to help me win??

How about giving away the most expensive and kick ass toy in the Love U Parties catalog? You know the one I just reviewed on this blog a couple of days ago?

(get it, urge you to help me win?)

Love U Parties was the first company to introduce this new toy. It is amazingly beautiful in design and function. Urge is a remote controlled vibrating bullet vibe. It is made out of anodized aluminum that has sections coated in silicone. Both men and women will enjoy Urge. Men can use it for an external P-spot massage or on nipples and other sensitve areas. Women can use Urge on their clits, tits or inside their va jay jay. Lesbotz your partner can insert this toy while fucking you with a strap on and get off at the same time. All the while the toy is controlled by a wireless remote! There are so many options that I could go on for hours. But I won't.

Let's get to the logistics of this giveaway. Because I know that is what you want to know!

Every individual that makes a purchase during the month of May at The Dildo Whisperer's Online Store will have their name placed in a drawing held on June 1, 2010 and will be eligble to win an Urge (Valued at $180). I want you to know that when you support my small business that I really appreciate your support. That's why I want to make sure I give away the very best prizes!
But wait, there is more!

In addition, to being entered to win an Urge any individual who orders $100 or more in product during the month of  May will recieve a special gift personally sent you by Romaine. It could be a Love U Bullet, a Light Me Up Vibe, a Him Cream or a 12g tube of Cool Mint. You won't know until you get your gift in the mail.
Think I'm done? Think again!

Any individual who spends $200 or more during the month of May at The Dildo Whisperer's Online Store will get the free gift from Romaine AND be entered into a second drawing for another Urge. Doubling your chances to win!

If this isn't a MONSTER May Giveaway I don't know what is!!! You've got to be in it to win it!!! I need your help bitches and I can't wait to reward you with some of these AWESOME Prizes. Now, I Urge you to get shopping. You only have until May 31st at 11:59pm EST to make your purchases. Stop reading and get shopping! What are you waiting for????

Fine Print:
Eligibility is from 12:00am EST on May 1, 2010 until 11:59pm EST on May 31, 2010. All individuals who order during this time frame will be entered to win an Urge valued at $180. Every individual that orders $100 or more will receive a special gift from Romaine in the form of one of the following: Love U Bullet, Light Me Up Vibe, Cool Mint 12g, or Him Cream (unscented on leather scented) in addition to being entered into the first drawing. All individuals who order $200 or more in product during this time frame will also be eligible to win in the second drawing for an Urge valued at $180, plus they will receive the free gift from Romaine. In the event the same person, wins both Urge drawings they will be able to select a different item from the Love U Parties catalog.  All Drawings will be held on June 1, 2010 and winners will be notified by email. Winners will then have 10 days to claim their prize. Winners will be announced on this blog by June 5, 2010. All gifts from Romaine will be sent out no later then June 5, 2010. Any questions can be sent to Romaine@eatromaine.com