Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ooooh that's the SPOT!!!

Over the years most people will experience several different toys. If they know that they like or have read this here blog then they know how to pick a really good toy for their body. Then they come across a toy that just curls their toes. This happened to me once. I knew I liked really good G-spotting toys. At that point in my life I was not a fan of hard toys like glass or acrylic but to be fair it was only because I hadn't really given them a chance. I was doing the radio show one night and one of the ladies from Babeland stopped by to show off some of the new toys that had out that month. (Side note: this was always my favorite interview of the month because it meant I got a bunch of new free sex toys!) On this particular month the Babeland lady had brought a toy called, the Lumina Wand! It was a beautiful acrylic toy that featured this lovely g-spot curve. It was a stunning pink color that made it look like a yummy lollypop. I took it home that night and gave it a try. Wowza!!! You'll understand why in a few minutes.

Needless to say it was my new favorite toy for the next month and until the next batch of sex toys. For years after that I would take it out and play with it often. Then I went to recommend it to a friend one day and they were no longer carrying it at Babeland. I was very sad but I decided I would keep my eyes out if I ever found another toy like it.

Guess what? About 2 weeks ago a brand new toy was added to the Love U Men's Catalog. The first thing I thought was this is the perfect replacement for my Lumina Wand. Allow me to introduce you to:

Spot On Glass Dildo (who names these things?)

Now, before I go on any further I want to share with you the description of this toy at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store:

"Let’s face it, some of our hottest spots are just around the next curve, be it your G-spot or your prostate. This lovely curved toy can help you reach for it. Keep a firm grip on one end, insert the toy one to two inches, with the tip pointed towards your navel - and you’re spot on. Rock your toy gently for a deep tissue massage and potential orgasmic response."

This gives you a good idea of how Spot On is used right? But let's talk about some of the aspects of Spot On that this description left out. First, Spot On is made of glass and we all know I am a fan of glass toys. They go in so smooth. You don't get the friction upon entry that you do say from a toy made out of silicone or rubber. Then there is the firmness factor. Hard toys work really well on g-spot and p-spot massages. The g-spot in particular like to be stroked with a little bit of pressure and hard toys make that much easier to do. But perhaps my favorite aspect of Spot On is the temperature play. I love the feeling of a cool toy entering my body. Glass warms up to your body temp very quickly so you get that sensation followed by the warmth of the toy after less then a minute. You can also warm up or cool down a glass toy by dipping it in a glass or warm or cool water before using it. Sensational! 

Materials: Glass
Lube: Love U Water or Love U Silicone
Cleaning: Soap and Water, Boilable, Dishwasher Safe
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars 

I plan on adding Spot On to my personal collection this month knowing I will love it just as much as my old Lumina Wand if not more! If you want to get a Spot On for your personal collection what are you waiting for? June is the perfect month to get a new toy because I am giving away a $150 free shopping spree to the Dildo Whisperer Store to one lucky customer this month! Don't wait get to buying yourself this lovely toy today! 

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