Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lasting Longer Question Answered!

So I have been listening to your program for about a year now and I must say that both you and Derek are just amazing. Anywho, I have a question that I want to ask. I am too shy to call so I decided to email. Ok just to be clear I am a gay man; so the question is when I am in a relationship with a partner and we go to have sex I am usually the bottom. However, every now and then I like to top my partner my problem is that I cant last long. As I enter I seem to blow quickly no matter how hard I try to hold back. It is just kind of a let down when I want to make it last long. Do you have any ideas on how to make this better or suggestions?
The Dildo Whisperer's Response
Hey Jim,

I have a couple of ways to help you deal with this issue.
1. You could get a desensitizing lube like Durex Play Longer and put that inside the your condom before fuckintg your boyfriend. That will help you from getting off as quickly by numbing up your dick a bit. Rememeber less is more when using this type of lube and you should follow the directions carefully.

2. This solution is going to require a little practice on your part but will have a longer lasting impact for you. When you masturbate I want you to pay close attention to your balls right before you cum. You will feel them pull up into your body just a bit as they prepare to shoot your load. Next, time you are masturbating and feel this sensation I want you to very carefully pull your balls back down and lay off the stroking for a few moments. This will keep you from cumming. Once you have regained your composure I want you to resume stroking. If you practice this excercise while masturbating you will find that you will over time be able to last longer. It is all about training your body to do what you want it to do and when!
3. The third and final option is to try a cock ring. Get a leather one that snaps or velcros or you could try a nice neoprene one and place your cock and balls throught it. This will prevent the blood from flowing out of your cock making you feel larger and harder. It will also prolong your orgasm a bit. You can even wear one as you are using either of the other two options mentioned above.

Velcro Cock Ring

I hope this helps. Let me know if you ever need any other ideas.
Your Dildo Whisperer

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