Friday, August 13, 2010

Your Questions Answered!

So I have been getting a ton of questions lately at my email address from people asking all kinds of stuff about sex and sex toys. I figured that instead of just answering their questions I would post some of the questions and answers I provided here on the Dildo Whisperer Blog. Names will always be changed to protect the identity of the person asking the question. 

I am looking to get a strap on. Do you suggest the beginner kit. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks

Hey BN,
Thanks for emailing me. I am happy to help you find the right strap on. I like to buy my harness and dildo seperately so I can pair the best toys to fit my needs. Sometimes when you buy a kit you get a great harness but the wrong size toy. Buy buying them seperately you build a strap on that is just right for your needs.
For the sake of this email I am going to suggest only a few items but if you want some other options let me know and I will look into a few for you.
Let's start with a couple of harness options.

Velvet Vibrating Harness
This harness is comfy to wear and have a small bullet vibe to clit stimulation of the wearer. Not a super expensive harness and a good beginner one. It has a snap in O ring that can be switched out for other sized dildos and it is machine washable. 

Not sure what the size is of who will be wearing the harness but if you are a big girl like me you might want to check out this harness:
Diva is a harness made to fit a bigger body but it also has a wider strap to help keep the harness close to your body during use. It also features the snap in O rings that can be switched out for smaller or larger dildos. 
This next one is a little more high end and made of leather.

This harness has a Jock Style strap in the back and features a snap out O ring that can be changed to  so you can use any size dildo. 
OKAY Now Let's talk dildos--- I am going to recommend getting a goold silicone dildo. Silicone is made to last so one of these dildos will last you a life time.


This is a nice average size dildo with a nice g-spotting series or ridges down the shaft. It is made by Tantus and is made out of a high quality Silicone and features a flared base so it will fit nicely in a harness. 


I little bit shorter then the Charmer but is specifically designed to stimulate the g-spot because it features a slight curve. 
It is made by Tantus and is made out of a high quality silicone and also has a flared base so it will fit nicely in a harness. 

These are a couple of good places to start but if they aren't exactly the right fit for what you are looking for let me know and I can offer a few more suggestions.

Your Dildo Whisperer

Most of the items mentioned above can be purchased at the Dildo Whisperer Online Store. IF you have a question you want the Didlo Whisperer to answer send it to her at