Monday, October 18, 2010

Masturbation Sleeve Question Answered!

Hey Romaine,
I've been listening to the DNR show going on 6 years now (off and on) and am a fan of your dildo whisperer segment. I recently began thinking of getting a sleeve to masturbate with but am not sure which one would be the right "fit" for me. On your site, there are two (Sidekick and Reversible Stroker) that I thought could be a good starting point but am interested in getting your advice on which one would you recommend I should start with. I've never used any toys so exploring this arena is a new frontier, so to speak.

The Dildo Whisperer's Response

For a first time sleeve I would recommend the Side Kick.
Compared to the Reversible stroker it is much easier to clean and less up keep. The Reversible requires a little bit of extra attention to keep the material feeling soft and Side Kick you can always move up to the other strokers like the Stroker X and try them on for size. Not all strokers are created equal each one has its own unique qualities.


When you pick up a stroker you should pick up a good lube as well. I recommend Boy Butter for men when they are looking for a good masturbation lube. It is nice and thick and creamy. Try it and I bet you will agree it truly improves things.

I hope that helps and let me know if you ever have any other questions.

Your Dildo Whisperer

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