Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Grab the Remote and Ride this Wave.

It seems like there are more and more toys coming out that feature remote controls. I love this concept for several reasons. First, it means you can actually look at the controls instead of just reaching down and trying to feel around for them. I really hate it when I am half way to my orgasm and I reach down to turn things up and end up turning things off! Let me tell you it ruins the mood. With a remote you can hold in your hand you never have to make such a terrible mistake because you will actually be able to see which buttons you are pushing. The second thing I like about remote controlled toys is the fun you can have with a partner that is in control of your remote. Imagine being across the room and controlling the vibration and toy play of your partner. Talk about control! This takes sex play to a whole new level. Now what do you say dear DW reader, are you ready to try your hand with a remote?

Remote Body Wave

This is a classic dual action toy. The Remote Body Wave has an insertable vibrating shaft that is curved for G-Spot action. Plus, this toy has a wave like section designed to make your clit hum! It is very similar design to the Rabbit Habit. The Remote Body Wave features 6 different functions of speed and pulsation that will have you riding the wave of pleasure for a good long time. The controls are easy to understand and this toy has a lighted display so you can see what you are doing even in the dark. It also has a one touch OFF button. This comes in handy for those times you get off and just can't take another second of stimulation. Hit one button and it all shuts down. You will notice that the Remote Body Wave has controls on the toy itself in addition to the remote control. That way you can still use this toy even if you misplace the remote. Speaking of the remote this baby works up to 20 feet away so you have lots of options when playing with it. Hold it in your free hand to control the toy during masturbation or when your partner has it inside you. Or you could give it to your partner and they can sit in the corner and watch you get off from a distance. Use your imagination and have fun! The Remote Body Wave is made of a safe TPR rubber that is free from Phthalates. So you know it is safe for your body. The total length of this toy is 9.5" but only about 4.5" of it is actually insertable. The diameter is 1.5" and the head of this toy has a nice rounded shape that will feel really great on your G-Spot. This bad boy needs one  9V Battery for the remote and 3 AAA batteries for the toy itself. When cleaning this toy you want to make sure that you don't get any water near or around the battery compartment. Getting water in this area will ruin the toy. I suggest the Afterglow Wipes to make cleaning up easier. In terms of lube you want to stick with something water based like the Love U Water Lubricant. The Remote Body Wave is a really fun and functional toy. You can use it alone or with a partner and will have lots of fun either way. If you are looking for the new way to play give the Remote Body Wave a try! You can find this toy in the "Toys" section of the Dildo Whisperer's online store.

Materials: TPR Rubber
Phthalate free
Size: Length 9.5" Diameter 1.5"
Vibration: 6 functions of Speed and Pulsation
Lube: Water Based Recommended
Cleaning: Afterglow Wipes, Soap and Water (Avoid getting in or around battery compartment)
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

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