Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Day- Stroke This! A gift for your guy -Part IV

Men Masturbate. The average guy jacks off at least once a day and some guys spend even more time getting off. That’s a lot of time to spend with a bottle of lube and your hand. Let’s face it day after day of the same thing will get pretty damn boring. I know there are a ton of great products out there for guys to use to get off. You can get a fake rubber face and fuck it. Or perhaps a pair of cyber skin feet to stroke your cock with? But that seems kind of complicated doesn’t it? For Valentine’s Day this year I want you to get the guy in your life a way to improve his jack off sessions without making them overly complicated. No one wants to spend tons of time cleaning up after getting off so for that reason I came up with my fourth toy suggestion to take the work and doldrums out of jacking off.

These easy to use toys will take jacking off to a whole new level. Gone are the days of switching hands to create a new feel to jacking off. All you need is lube and a stroker and you are all set. Strokers are designed to be simple to use and easy to clean. If you haven't ever tried a stroker then it is time you do!

Stroker X

Different strokers have different capabilities. In the case of Stroker X you get a sensation that is very similar to the sensation that you get when your partner is having muscle contractions around the shaft of your cock. The interior of Stroker X has a series of soft ridges that will feel great on your shaft as you stroke it. This toy is made out of silicone and will not stretch in the same fashion as some of the other strokers I am about to review. Silicone is a slightly more firm material which makes you feel like you are actually holding onto something when you use this toy. Silicone is built to last so unlike some of the other strokers with the right amount of care Storker X will keep you happy for a good long time. The exterior of this toy is smooth and easy to grip as long as you don’t have a bunch of lube on your hands. I recommend pumping the lube directly into the stroker and then inserting your penis to avoid getting any on the outside.

Material: Silicone

Lube: Water Based Recommended

Cleaning: Turn inside Out and Wash with Soap and Water, Boilable, Bleachable and Dishwasher Safe (top Rack)

Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

Side Kick

I didn’t know much about the Side Kick stroker until Ducky Doolittle gave me a demo of this toy in my radio studio one night. She pulled out the VIP dildo and said, “Watch this.” She lubed up the inside of the Side Kick and started stroking the dildo. As she did it she explained to me some of the features of the toy.

“Did you know that Side Kick has a ribbed interior for a nice textured sensation? And that you can flip inside out and use the smooth side for a totally different sensation?”

I stared at her hands moving up and down the shaft of VIP thinking about how good what she was doing must feel on a real guy. And then she started to speed up.
“Now, check this out,” she quipped. “Just about the time the guy is ready to come you hold onto the base of the Side Kick just at the base of his penis. Then with you other hand you pull the top portion over the tip of his cock!”

Her hands did just that. Just then her little demo all made sense. I knew what she was trying to show me. She created a vacuum inside the toy that when pulled over the tip created a sucking sensation.
In her sweetest voice she exclaimed, “You can literally swallow without actually having to do it!”

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t know of many toys out there that can create the sensation of getting a blow job and having your partner swallow but Side Kick can do just that! Need I say more? I think not.

Material: TPR (Thermal Produced Rubber) Phthalate Free

Lube: Water Based Recommended

Cleaning: Turn inside Out and Wash with Soap and Water

Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 Stars

Reversible Stroker

The Reversible Stroker is made out of a cyber skin material to help create the feel of real skin. So when you slip this bad boy on your cock, be prepared for a very soft life like sensation. They call this toy the Reversible Stroker because one side features ridges while the other side features nubs. This toy is easy to turn inside out so you can pick the sensation you want at any time. It is like getting two toys in one. Cyber skin is a very neat and unique material. It is water proof and can be used in the shower or the hot tub. The only thing to keep in mind is that the cleaning of this toy requires a little special care. Make sure you wash it with soap and water and then let it completely air dry (inside and out). If it starts to get a tacky feel to it then put in a zip lock back with a little corn starch. Shake it up and then shake it off the excess.

Material: Cyber Skin
Lube: Water Based Recommended

Cleaning: Turn inside out and Wash with Soap and Water. Use corn starch if it gets “tacky”.

Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

All of these strokers can be found in the "For Him" section of the Dildo Whisperer's Online Store.

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