Monday, March 22, 2010

A Toy With A Twist!

I'm always on the lookout for a new toy that will intrigue my interests. I'm the same way with the latest technology. I am always looking for that one device that will improve my life in some way. Do you remember the days when you had to carry a cell phone, an iPod, a digital camera and a PSP so you could have all the digital devices you would ever need in one day?

This is a lot of crap to carry around!

 Now, I just carry my iPhone and I am good to go.

Isn't this better?

I would love to apply this downsizing in devices to my own toy box. I know it is hard to believe that an abundance of sex toys can be a bad thing but it can. So unless you want to have one of those military style foot lockers at the foot of your bed you want to keep your toy box manageable. I think that is why I was so excited when I heard about the toy I am going to review today. I have been waiting on this review because I wanted to actually own one and use it before I give you my honest feedback. Mine arrived in the mail yesterday and today I present to you.

The Twist Rechargeable Wand!

There is so much to say about this toy I am not even sure where to start. At first glance this toy looks like the love child between a Love U Wand and nice G-Spotting toy. In a way that is exactly what the Twist Rechargeable Wand is; one end is rounded and about the size of a golf ball and the other end has a curved tip to help hit your G-spot. Now, here is where things get interesting. Each end has its own independent motor that has several (7) unique speed and pulsation functions. You can turn on one end at a time or use them both at the same time. You can even set one to pulsate and the other to strictly vibrate! There are so many options that you can literally spend hours figuring out what works best for you!

Now, I know you are already thinking that the Twist Rechargeable Wand is sounding pretty cool. But I haven't even told you about the "twist". See that spot in the middle where the toy looks like it is divided into two parts?

If you give that section of the toy a small twist it will turn the toy in a way that creates a 90 degree angle! This makes handling the toy so much easier when you are playing alone. But lezbots out there I want you to think of the possibilities this presents with partner play! Who needs a double ended dildo when you can have a double ended vibrator?!? Finding a fun position to use this toy in will be half of the fun. I suggest trying them all!

Okay, so I have boasted the wonders of this toy long enough. So I guess I should take a few minutes to tell you about the specifics of the Twist Rechargeable Wand. If you are like me you can go through a whole case of batteries in a couple of days but never fear as this toy is rechargeable. Getting this toy will not only mean getting off but helping the environment too. See that light purple area under either tip of this toy? Those are little ribs that allow the tips to vibrate freely but they will also add a little texture to this toy. The dark purple areas of the Twist Rechargeable Wand are made out of hard plastic that has been made to feel like a soft silicone while the lighter purple areas are made from a Phthalate free rubber. So this toy is designed to be healthy for your body and easy to clean. Speaking of cleaning, for this toy you want to clean with care. It isn't waterproof so you need to make sure you gently clean around that center joint. I would use mild soap and water on the end portions. Or you can use the Afterglow wipes that we carry in the Dildo Whisperer's online store.

For a long time I resisted buying an iPhone because I was so sure that I didn't need one and that it couldn't possibly live up to all the things it said it could do. I was wrong. Not only was it a great phone but it helped me lose all the extra devices I was carrying around. The Twist Rechargeable Wand shows that same potential. After all, I don't know of many toys that bring as much flexibility to the table. I look forward to finding even more ways to put this sexy bad boy to good use!

Materials: Hard Plastic and Phthalate Free Rubber
Lube: Love U Water Lubricant or any water based lube recommended.
Vibration: Dual ends featuring 7 speed and pulsation functions
Cleaning: Clean with care with soap and water. Avoid getting water in center joint; Afterglow Wipes
Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 stars

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