Saturday, January 9, 2010

Get into the Rabbit Habit.

The Rabbit toy has been around for a good many years but it didn't really get popular until the infamous "The Turtle and the Hare " episode of Sex and the City. In the episode Charlotte is introduced to a sex toy called, "The Rabbit." What happens next is frankly what happens to many women who enjoy this toy for the first time. She locked herself in her bedroom and didn't want to come out. She simply couldn't stop herself from enjoying all the pleasure the Rabbit was delivering. 

When I first moved to NYC like Charlotte I was frustrated with dating and living single in the big city. So when I saw this episode of Sex and the City like many other women in the country I rushed out to find myself one of these amazing Rabbit toys. I spent what felt like a fortune ($179) on a toy called the iRabbit. It was purple beauty and I rushed right home to take it for a test ride. From sensation stand point the iRabbit was awesome! It delivered on its promise to be an incredible toy. Functionality aside there are a good many aspects of this toy that fell far below my expectations. I wish that I had been the Dildo Whisperer then that I am today. I would have known what pit falls to avoid and the difference between a great quality toy and a very expensive knock off. 

The design of nearly every Rabbit toy out there is the same. There is a shaft that twirls around in a small circular fashion and inside it are a number of "pearls" that rotate around the shaft to create G-Spot stimulation. Then attached to the base of the shaft there is a bullet vibe that is shaped like a rabbit. The ears are designed to reach up and tickle the clit. This toy has lots of moving parts so it isn't what I would call a silent toy but when it is doing its thing you won't care that it is louder then your other toys. It is designed to blow your mind and it delivers. The handle is often the battery compartment and has either a number of buttons or slide fader like controls. The shaft and the rabbit bullet vibe have separate controls for independent use. Run the Rabbit fast and the shaft slow or whatever feels right for you.
Not all Rabbits are created equal! Most are made out of jelly rubber and this low quality type of rubber is  just one of the problems I ran into with my first Rabbit. Jelly rubber often is porous which means that after time bacteria can grow inside it. Plus, many of these low quality rubbers can contain chemicals called Pthalates that are thought to be harmful. Then there is the matter of the "pearls" that are inside the shaft of the Rabbit. There are a lot of parts and motors in this toy and that means that it is more prone to breaking. In the case of the "pearls" inside the rabbit they have a tendency to get jammed. Not something you want to have happen while they are rolling across your G-Spot. Then there is the issue of the battery compartment. This is the one thing about my iRabbit that made me the most insane. Due to the fact that the battery compartment is also the handle one would think that the compartment would be designed to stay closed when handled. That was not the case with my iRabbit. Every time I was getting into my grove the damn battery would come off and the batteries would pop out. It made me crazy! Eventually, I just duct taped the damn thing on. 

Luckily, for you my lovely readers there is one company that finally worked out all the kinks in the Rabbit design so you won't run into the same problems I  did. I'd like to introduce you to the toy that O Magazine calls the "Rolls Royce of sex toys." 

So what makes Rabbit Habit different? Let's start with the materials used in this toy. The Rabbit Habit is made with a rubber called TPR. This rubber doesn't contain of the harmful chemicals that many of the other rabbit toys do. The "pearls"in the Rabbit Habit are designed in a way so they won't jam during use.  This will make your G-Spot much happier!  The controls on the Rabbit Habit are a fader design which means you don't have to get confused on which button to push while you are trying to enjoy yourself. I might have had this problem with the other designs. The Rabbit Habit runs on 3 AA batteries in a compartment that doesn't just pop open when handled. Plus, it comes in my favorite color, Purple! I have tried a dozen or so different rabbit toys over the years and this one has to be the top of the list. Let me put it this way dear readers. The Rabbit Habit is the only rabbit toy still in my personal toy box.

You can check it out for yourself in the "Toys" section of my online toy store.

Materials: TPR Rubber (pthalate free)
Size: 9" length 1.5" diameter
Vibration: 2 types (Shaft and Clitoral) both have variable speeds
Batteries: 3 AA
Cleaning: Afterglow Wipes, Soap and water (DO NOT submerge in water and be careful of moving parts)
Lube: Water based lube
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars