Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Valentine's Day Count Down.

Cupid is about to draw back his bow for many a lover in the coming weeks and I am here to help you be prepared. Anyone that has ever had a lover at Valentine's Day knows it can be very stressful picking out the perfect gift for your loved one. Over the course of the next couple of weeks I am going to use the dildo whisperer blog to come up with a few fun and exciting gift ideas. However, if there is an item from my online store that you would like me to get into more detail about let me know and I will write about it.

For this entry I am going to focus on the first in a series sexy items that can help give your foreplay a boost and allow for some exciting adventures in the bedroom. You can find this item in the "Bath, Body and Wellness" section of my online store.

Sweet Snow Body Powder
This snowy white powder is an amazing little treat in the bedroom. Let me start by telling you about this item and then I will tell you how I think it should be used. Sweet Snow Body Powder is made by a company called Shunga and all of their products are really well made. This body powder comes in 2 flavors: honey and Strawberry Champagne and is Sugar Free. I have only tried the honey flavor as of this posting but I liked it a lot. The flavor was very light and didn't overwhelm me at all. In fact, the honey flavor kind of reminded me of the flavor of those candy cigarettes I used to enjoy as a child. One of the great things about this body powder is that it is very delicate in nature so you barely notice it is there and it never gets sticky. So you don't have to worry about any of the mess that you would get with some of the edible body oils. The Sweet Snow Body Powder contains cornstarch which is perfect as it will maintain freshness and will fend off any wetness in areas around the breasts and inner thighs. Once applied it is barely visible to the eye which has many benefits.

Here's how I would use this item. You can use it to give an oil free massage. All you have to do is gently dust the Sweet Snow Powder all over your lover and start giving them a good old-fashioned rub down. The powder makes it easy for your hands to slide over their skin without any nasty friction. 

But if  what you are looking for is a fun game to play this is what I would do with the Sweet Snow Body Powder. Before you head to the bedroom take the Body Powder and dust it on a few select sensual places on your body. Then tell your lover that they need to find all of the areas with their tongue! To make it even more fun you can tell them the number of places you placed it (but always make sure to add one to that number so they are left searching). This is one white lie everyone will enjoy!

The Sweet Snow Body Powder also comes with a nice feather brush that you can use to apply the powder. You can put it on and have your lover lick it off. You can use the feathers for some fun sensation play. Just use your imagination and have fun!

Ingredients: aluminum starch octenyl-succinate, Corn starch, Aspartame, may contain Honey, Flavor (Aroma). Sugar Free
Flavors: Honey, Strawberry and Champagne
Size: 8 oz
Includes: Feather application brush
Rating: **** 4 out or 5 Stars

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