Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine's Day-Gifts for your guy- Part II

Valentine’s day gifts are tricky. I like to get a gift that will expand the relationship in new ways. For many people that can mean trying something new or trying something in a new way. The most commonly asked questions I get often feature the ass. There are many more people that are interested in anal sex then there aren’t or at least that has been my experience. For that reason I came up with my second selection for gifts you should get your guy to try!

2. Butt Plugs!

When considering trying a butt plug there are a few things you should know. The first is that you ALWAYS need to use lube. Your ass doesn’t self lubricate like a vagina so lube is required. The skin around your anus is very thin and sensitive and the last thing you want is friction that will cause that skin to tear. The second thing you should know is about your ass itself. The rectum doesn’t have a back wall, which means that if a toy goes all the way in it can be very hard to remove without an emergency visit to the doctor. For this reason you should never stick anything in your ass that isn't designed to be there. Every year ER’s around the country get visits from patients who think that putting a sharpie or other odd shaped objects in their ass is a good idea. It is not. Toys that are designed to go in the ass should have either a flared based that prevents the toy from going in further then intended or it should have a loop handle that can be used to remove the toy easily. This risk shouldn’t prevent you from having fun with your ass it should simply encourage you to use toys that are safe for it. Last but not least never take a toy out of your ass and put it in a vagina. The rectum is filled with bacteria that helps aide in digestion but that bacteria can lead to some very unpleasant problems if introduced to the vagina. Now, that you know the basics let’s talk butt plugs.

Little Flirt is exactly as the name suggests, little. Which makes it the perfect first time anal toy. This silicone plug is about the size of a finger. It isn’t designed to “fill you up” like other plugs. Instead, it is designed to teach your sphincter muscle how to relax when a toy is introduced to it. It helps the anus get used to the feeling and sensation of a toy in it without the stress of jamming something large in there. Make sure you use plenty of lube and slide this toy in. Due to its size it might slide back out but if it does just re-insert it and focus on your muscles holding it in place. Once your body has gotten used to the sensation of ass play you can move up to larger toys. If you have been thinking of trying anal action but are unsure about the pain. Try Little Flirt out and see how much fun flirting with your ass can be.

Material: Silicone
Lube: Water Based Recommended
Cleaning: Soap and Water, Boilable, Bleachable, and Dishwasher Safe
Rating: *** 3 out of 5 Stars

Ryder is a more advanced butt plug. This silicone plug is larger in size and features a very narrow neck. Tantus Inc. who makes this toy literally designed every aspect of it to make sure it is comfortable and stays in place. The top of this plug is rounded and smooth so it slides in with little work. The narrow neck near the base ensures that the sphincter closes up tightly around it. Plus, the rectangle base is shaped so it will fit comfortably between your ass checks but has enough of a flare to keep it from going in to far. Your cheeks will also help keep this toy from going anywhere. Due to the shape and size of Ryder it will give you that “filled up” sensation that many people look for from anal toys. Take Ryder out for a ride and I doubt you will be disappointed.

Materials: Silicone
Lube: Water Based Recommended
Cleaning: Soap and Water, Boilable, Bleachable, and Dishwasher Safe
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

Pace is a member of the Tantus Alumina line. You might remember my previous blog about Flow also from this line of toys. Pace like the other toys in the Alumina line is made out of a sleek anodized aluminum that is smooth to the touch. This smooth surface will make for an easy entry with Pace. You can use the lager end of the toy to give you the “full” sensation or to deliver a nice P-Spot massage. Or you can use the other end of this toy for a completely different sensation. Due to the fact that Pace is made out of aluminum it has some pretty interesting benefits. For instance, Pace has the ability to cool down or warm up very quickly. A little dip in cool or warm water will help you create some really exciting sensation play.  Aluminum is also kind of heavy. People who enjoy the sensation of a butt plug will also often enjoy the weightiness of a metal toy. But, perhaps the coolest feature from the Tantus Alumina line is that they are all made of two independent parts. See that little black O ring just under the head of Pace? That is where the toy screws apart. You can then take the two pieces and pair them up with another piece from the Alumina line. You can literally create all new toys! The more Alumina toys you have the more choices you have. They are all completely interchangeable.

Material: Black Anodized Aluminum
Size: Length 5” Diameter 1.25”
Lube: Water or Silicone Based Recommended
Cleaning: Soap and Water
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

Now, that you have seen three incredibly different toys for anal action don’t you want to get one for the man in your life. Oh and just for the record the ladies can also enjoy all of these toys!  I have each of them in my personal toy box. You can find all of these butt plugs in the “Toys” Section of the Dildo Whisperer Online Store.

If you have a sex or sex toy question that you want answered, email the Dildo Whisperer at Or if you have a specific toy from my online store that you want the Dildo Whisperer to review let me know. The Dildo Whisperer is also available for Private Consultations. Simply send an email to to request a one on one conversation.

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