Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Luxury at your finger tips!

Have you ever fallen in love at first sight? That rare moment when you see someone or something that you know you simply cannot, will not live without? I was recently faced with such a moment. Ducky Doolittle and Metis Black came on to my radio show to talk about some the new toys that they had just added to the Love U Parties line. Knowing me as they do they knew that had to make the announcement about these toys with me so I could oooh and ahhhh over them. I did not disappoint. There were two items from the line that stood out to me as must have toys. I promise I will review both of them but for the sake of this entry I am going to stick with my favorite of the two items.


This toy is luxury at its finest. Cast is aluminum Lush is then coated in silicone to give the insertable surface a softer feel. The shaft of this toy is curved for perfect G-Spot play. All you need to do is insert it slightly and then rock it over your G-Spot. There are four small ridges on the tip that can be pulled over your G-Spot for added stimulation. Being a G-Spot girl I knew I would love Lush long before I ever actually got my hands on it.

While attending a Love U event in NYC a few weeks ago I actually got my hands on Lush for the first time. Lush comes packaged in a stunning leather case that zips up. It was the first signal to me that good things were coming. I love a toy that has a package that matches the quality of the toy. Lush had all the attributes I love from a metal toy. It had a solid and sturdy shaft and felt slightly heavy in my hand. Being made of aluminum it transmitted the vibration beautifully. I ran my fingers over the perfectly fitted and placed silicone section. Then I flipped the toy over to look at the underside of Lush. That's when I discovered something that made me weak in the knees! You see every picture I had seen of Lush before this moment only showed the top view of the toy but there was a hidden design feature there that was brilliant. I called Ducky Doolittle over and scolded her, "How could you not tell me about this design feature?"
She looked at the underside of Lush and stated, "I don't understand. Exactly how would you use this?"

Take a look at this view of Lush.

Can you see what made me so excited? It is that little groove. See it? Now, to answer Ducky's question. I would use that little groove to cup around my clit. Talk about taking your orgasms to a new level. Not only will you get amazing on point clitoral action but you will also get great surface coverage from the flat rounded tip of Lush. The controls light up beautifully with a pink LED so you will never have trouble finding the controls in the dark.

Lush is a perfectly designed G-Spotting toy and clit toy. Now, pair all of that with the fact that Lush is rechargeable, waterproof and impressively quiet and you have the world's most perfect toy. I would love to shake the hand of the designer behind Lush and thank them for the hours of fun play that I know I will be enjoying for years to come.

I should note that they ONLY place that you can get Lush is from a Love U Consultant like me. So if you want one and you know you do head over to the Dildo Whisperer's online store. You have never known luxury and quality until you own Lush. I know that was the case for me so don't wait go get this toy!

Materials: Aluminum coated in silicone, Pink LED lighted controls
Waterproof, Rechargeable
Vibration: 5 Speeds of Vibration
Length: 7" (insertable length: 4.5")
Width: 1.5 (insertable width 1.5")
Lube: Love U Water Recommended
Cleaning: Soap and Water or Afterglow Wipes
Includes: Power Adapter, Leather Vanity Tote, Microfiber Storage Bag, Product Manual
1- Year warranty


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See the Blog Entry: April Incentives for all the details.
If you have a sex or sex toy question that you want answered, email the Dildo Whisperer at romaine@eatromaine.com Or if you have a specific toy from my online store that you want the Dildo Whisperer to review let me know. The Dildo Whisperer is also available for Private Consultations. Simply send an email to romaine@eatromaine.com to request a one on one conversation.

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