Monday, April 12, 2010

Slimline G

Have you ever wondered what the most popular sex toys are and why? Well, you would not be alone. There are hundreds of toys out there to choose from and yet there are a small number of toys that stand out from the crowd as the most popular. While there are many reasons a toy becomes popular the number one reason is that it serves its purpose well and satisfies its user. One of these toys is the toy I am about to review. At first glance it doesn't look all that impressive but as we all know looks can be deceiving!

Slimline G
This toy was made for G-Spotting which is where it gets its name: Slimline G. As you can see the Slimline G has an egg shaped head that curves slightly. The shape is so it will slip in easily and fill up the area around the G-Spot. The curve is designed to be pointed toward your belly button for perfect placement over the G-Spot. The long skinny shafts only purpose is to make it easy to hold in place as you rock it back and forth over your G-Spot. The 7 functions of speed and pulsation will do the rest.

As women get turned on their G-Spot slowly fills with glandular fluid. This spongy tissue that makes up the G-Spot starts to swell up. As this happens the surface of the G-Spot becomes easier to feel. If you insert your fingers about 1-2" in on the upper wall just under your belly button you should be able to feel an area that has soft spongy feeling with the texture of the outside of a walnut. The fluid that fills this tissue is believed to be the same fluid that a woman ejaculates. So learning more about your G-Spot can lead to all kinds of unexpected and exciting adventures in the bedroom.

If you want to learn about your G-Spot or even if you are an experienced G-Spot player your sex life can be dramatically improved by the addition of the Slimline G in your toy box. The Slimline G operates off of the power of 2 AAA batteries so it packs a pretty good punch and it is waterproof in the event you want to use it in the shower. In the month of March the Slimline G was one of the "Top 10 Best Selling Items" at all of Love U Parties. The reason being because it works!

Materials: Hard Plastic and Waterproof
Vibration: 7 functions of Speed and Pulsation
Batteries: 2 AAA
Cleaning: Afterglow Wipes or Soap and Water
Lube: Love U Water Lubricant or Love U Silicone Lubricant
Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 Stars  

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