Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Every once in a while a toy just blows your mind. For me the toy I'm about to review blew my mind because I couldn't believe that no one had come out with a toy like this before. This toy is simply brilliant and after my review you will understand why.

We've all seen those remote controlled vibrating panties before but Urge brings something completely new to the table. Not only is Urge a stunning toy made of anodized aluminum and silicone but it features a string of silicone so you can safely insert and remove this toy from inside your body! They makers of Urge put a lot of thought into this toy. It is waterproof so it can be used just about anywhere. Plus, the body of this toy is hour glass shaped for a perfect fit. The cord being coated in silicone makes it one of the most hygienically safe toys out there and the remote control puts the power of 5 speeds in the hands of the operator.

It doesn't matter if you are gay, straight, man or a woman everyone can benefit from the fun that Urge brings to the bedroom. One of the most seductive aspects about Urge is that you can hand your lover the remote and they have full control over your orgasm. But you don't have to turn over control, you can always use that remote as you see fit. Urge has so many ways you can use it that I thought I would go over just a few.
Let's start with you men out there. Vibration can be applied to a variety of parts on a man's body. Nipples are fun to play with but even more fun is applying Urge on the taint (the area just behind your balls but before your anus). This will give you guys out there an external prostate massage and it feels great. You can also insert the Urge orb into a condom and use it anally. Just make sure to use caution.

Ladies, many of you already understand the power of a good vibrating bullet. They can be used to bring our orgasms to new heights. Use Urge on your clit or slip it inside (like a tampon) and enjoy it on your G-Spot. The cord will make it easy to remove when you are done. You could always buy vibrating panties for those times you want to have fun in public but with Urge you don't need to buy a whole new toy. Just slip Urge inside and go have fun!

For you lesbians out there who enjoy harness play I bet there have been times that you wished there was a way that the person wearing the harness could have a little assistance in getting off. Am I right? There are lots of harnesses out there that feature little pockets for vibrating bullets on your clit like the Velvet Vibrating Harness that I carry in my online store. But what if you are someone that can only get off through G-Spot stimulation? Well, Urge can help you in ways you hadn't expected. The harness wearer can put Urge inside their pussy while your partner controls the remote. That way you both can have a hand in getting each other off! Talk about adding a whole new level of fun to strap on play!

Now, that you have a few examples of how you can use Urge you can understand why I was so excited when this toy was released. It really is revolutionary and to top it off it is made in a way that just screams luxury. Urge comes packaged in a sexy leather case that is worthy of the toy inside. The Orb of Urge is rechargeable and the remote runs on a 23A battery. Urge is made of the finest materials out there so you know it is designed last. What more could you want in a toy?

Don't you feel the URGE to go get one today?

Materials: anodized aluminum, silicone
Size: Orb length: 3" width: 1.5"; Remote length: 2.75" width: 2"
Vibration: 5 Speeds w/  Pink LED Remote control
Lube: Love U Water Lubricant recommended
Cleaning: Clean Orb with Soap and Water or Afterglow Wipes
Includes: power adapter, vanity tote, microfiber storage bag, product manual.
1-year product warranty

Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 Stars

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