Friday, December 11, 2009

Doggie Strap

It doesn't matter what your sexual orientation is everyone can enjoy a good session of doggy style sex. Straight folks love it, gay boys dig it and even the lesbians can get in on the action. Why do we like doggie style so much? Because it is the perfect position for G-spot (for the ladies) and P-spot (for the boys) stimulation! You see when the bottom has their ass up in the air and the top is lined up behind them often the toy or dick that is fucking them fucks at a slightly downward motion. This puts pressure and strokes across one of the most sensitive pleasure spots in our whole body. Which is why so many people enjoy the doggie position thusly making it one of the most popular sex positions around. So how can you improve upon something that is already pretty f'ing wonderful?

This little device was made by one of my favorite sex toy companies, Sportsheets. They make all kinds of wonderful beginner bondage stuff. But they also make some really practical sex positioning aids that will have you asking why you have never used them before. The Doggie Strap is a very simple but genius design. What you do is slide the padded middle section of the strap under the hips of the person being fucked. Then the top takes the loop handles on both side of the strap and places them over the wrist. The lengths of the straps are completely adjustable. Holding onto the straps you can then use this Doggie Strap to move the hips of the bottom in pretty much any way you desire. It gives the top a whole new level of control and also relieves the pressure off the knees of the bottom. If you have syncing issues with your partner this Doggie Strap will fix that problem right up. Plus, you will achieve deeper penetration all while stroking the G or P-Spot of your partner. Give it a try, trust me you won't regret it!

You can find the Doggie Strap in the "Positioning Aids" section of my online toy store.

Materials: Nylon Straps,
Size: Adjustable Straps
Cleaning: Machine Washable
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 stars

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