Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Get into the "Flow" of things.

I missed the day that Metis Black from Tantus Inc. came by our Sirius/ XM studios to show off her new line of "Alumina" toys. I had only heard rumors about these sexy works of art and I had been looking forward to holding them in my hot little hands. Then I got sick! I was fucking bummed. That is until I came into the work the following day. Metis being the amazing person she is had left the entire line behind for me to try out for myself. I was over the moon with excitement! I took them right home with me that night and tried them out. One word for ya: AMAZING!

For this blog entry I am just going to focus on my personal favorite from the Alumina line but don't worry I promise I will cover the others in the coming weeks.


Flow, is such a simple name for such an incredible toy. Flow is made from 100% recyclable, high grade anodized aluminum. This makes Flow very durable not to mention waterproof and hypoallergenic.

I know you are thinking, "A metal toy is that really going to feel good?" The simple answer is yes. Metal toys have a lot of unique attributes that make then tons of fun to play with. For instance, the toys in the Alumina line feature very smooth surfaces and this makes the sliding in and out simply delightful. Unlike toys made of rubber and silicone you get a much smoother entry. The toys from the Alumina line also retain temperature really well. This means you can heat them up or cool them down for fun sensation play. I keep a couple of bowls near my bed with hot and cold water. After a simple dip and the temp of the toy quickly changes. This also means that these toys will heat up to your body temp very quickly and stay that way! I personally love the feel of the cool metal as I get started. Sensational!

One of the coolest features of the toys from this Tantus Alumina line is that they are all made of two independent parts. See that little black O ring in the middle of Flow.

That is where the toy screws apart. You can then take the two pieces and pair them up with another piece from the Alumina line. You can literally create all new toys! The more Alumina toys you have the more choices you have. They are all completely interchangeable. Where else are you going to find a toy that can do that?

Flow can be used in a variety of ways. Due to its ergonomic design it is perfect for a sensual genital massage but it also works for an assortment of fun activities. The design enables you to select either end of this toy to use so if you like your toy big or small you can have it all with Flow. I love the way this toy applies pressure to my G-spot.

The weight of the toy feels great but also works my PC muscles. If you are interested in strengthening your PC muscles insert the smaller end and flex. This exercise is the equivalent of lifting a small bar bell. See working out can be fun.

The smaller end also makes a great tool to help massage and relax the sphincter muscle for anal sex! Due to the flexibility of this toy it makes a wonderful addition to just about anyone's toy box.
You can clean this toy in just about every way. Soap and water works, it is boilable and you can even throw it in the dishwasher. The only annoying thing about this toy when cleaning is that little black O ring. You need to make sure you unscrew the toy a little during cleaning to make sure you get that little O ring and surrounding area clean.

Flow is truly a fantastic toy. I might have used it exclusively for a couple of months after I used it the first time. You can find Flow and all of the Alumina toys in my online toy store in the "Toys" section.

Material: Anodized Aluminum
Size: Length 9.25 " Diameter at top: 1.5" at bottom:.75"
Weighs: 12.25 oz
Cleaning: Soap and water, Boilable, Dishwasher safe
Accessories: Revolve, Motion, Pace
Rating: ***** 5 out of 5 Stars

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