Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A tale of a boy and his Boy Butter.

Long before I was a host on Sirius/XM radio I was a budding dildo whisperer. All of my teenage nephews knew that when they were ready to become sexually active to call me and I would send them a discreet "care package" filled with everything they would need to practice safe sex. They got lube packets, safe sex pamphlets and of course tons of condoms. I was the cool aunt that never told their parents but always made sure that they were playing safe. 

Years after I sent my nephew Raif his first care package we were talking on the phone. No longer an awkward teenager but rather a young man in his early twenties he asked me if I had any good porn laying around the office. Of course I did because I always have an abundance of straight porn as I have little need for it. I grabbed a couple of good DVD's and threw them in a box. Then I spotted some containers of Boy Butter and thought he could probably use a little lube too. So into the box it went. I shipped the box off and didn't think anything of it. That is until the next time he and I spoke on the phone. During the course of the conversation he raved about the lube that I had sent him. At the time I couldn't even remember what brand I had sent him so I made him explain the package to me. He laughed a little and said, "well, it looks like a tub of butter". Ahh yes, Boy Butter. He went on to say that his jacking off had never felt better. Sure it was a little TMI but to be honest I was interested in his honest opinion on this brand of lube and he was more than willing rave on about it. He then asked if I would send him more because even though I had sent him a pretty good sized tub he had already used it all up. In less than 3 weeks I might add! That was all I needed to know that Eyal Feldman (the inventor of Boy Butter) had come up with a winner!

Now let's talk about Boy Butter!

Boy Butter comes in several formulas and containers but they all share a few traits. First, Boy Butter lubes are all a cream style lube. I like the creamy lubes because they really work well for men while they are jacking off but the creamy style also pairs nicely with anal sex. Secondly, the entire line of Boy Butter lubes washes off with a little soap and water. Meaning you don't have to worry about stains on your sheets or a difficult clean up. Anyone who had ever had a silicone lube stain on their bed sheets can tell you how this is a beneficial trait.

In terms of containers nearly all of the Boy Butter products come in one of three styles of containers. I suggest picking the container that best fits your needs.
1. A Tub (these vary in size from 4 oz &\ 8 oz)
5. The EZ-Pump (5 oz)
The Boy Butter line up all started with Boy Butter.

Boy Butter comes with the yellow label and was the first lube in the Boy Butter Line up. Boy Butter is an oil-based lubricant that is made up from two very gentle ingredients: coconut oil and organic silicone. These ingredients are then homogenized just like real butter and the end result is a long lasting creamy lubricant. This lube is hypoallergenic and is safe on all toys. However, there is one VERY IMPORTANT thing I must tell you about. Because this lube is oil-based it is not compatible with any latex safer sex supplies like latex condoms. So this lube is best used for solo play or sex with a trusted partner. Currently, this is the only version of Boy Butter that we are carrying in my online store and it can be found in both of the containers pictured above under the "Bath, Body and Wellness" section of the store.

Active Ingredients: Coconut Oil and organic Silicone
Applications: Masturbation, Sex Toy Play, Anal Sex
Warnings: Do not use with Latex Condoms, NOT latex compatible.
Accessories: Your hand, Male Strokers/ Masturbation Sleeves, Sex toys
Rating: *** 3 out of 5 stars

You'll Never Know It Isn't Boy Butter (H2O Version)

Eyal Feldman understands the importance of safer sex practices which is why he came out with a water based version of his Boy Butter lube. This one appropriately called, "You'll Never Know It Isn't Boy Butter" is very similar to the original formula with a few small ingredient changes. This lube starts out as a water based gel lube that has Vitamin E and Shea butter added to it. The end result is a creamy lube that is safe for men or women and is latex compatible. This lube goes on clear and will last longer then most water based lubes. This means less time re-applying and more time enjoying yourself. It carries the same non-staining and easy clean up attributes as the Original Boy Butter but with the added bonus of safe sex compatibility.

Active Ingredients: Water based Gel lubricant, Vitamin E and Shea Butter
Applications: Use During Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toy Play, Anal Sex, Safe for Men or Women
Accessories: Your hand, Male Strokers/ Masturbation Sleeves, Sex toys
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 stars

There are additional products from Boy Butter but I will save those for another day. It is worth taking a few minutes to head over to the Boy Butter site though and checking the entire line out.

If you have a sex or sex toy question that you want answered, email the Dildo Whisperer at romaine@eatromaine.com. Or if you have a specific toy from my online store that you want the Dildo Whisperer to review let me know.

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