Friday, December 11, 2009

Sex In The Shower

I want to tell you about the first time I had sex with Iris. She met up with me at one of my many pride events. We spent all day out in the sun getting hot, sweaty, dusty and down right disgusting! Even though both of us couldn't wait to rip the clothes off the other and have hot sex there was no way either of us was willing go there given the our current condition. So in what I thought was a very wise suggestion I said we should jump in the shower. After all we would get naked, scrub each other down and then we were good to go. This is exactly how things were going. We were wet, slippery and going at it for all we were worth. But then something unexpected happened. I lost my footing in the shower and even though I had a firm grip on my girl there was nothing that was going to stop the motion of my body as I fell backward through the shower curtain. I reached for everything and anything I could as I fell in what felt like slow motion. My left hand gripped the right shoulder of Iris. My right hand grabbed a handful of shower curtain. I could hear the shower curtain rings pop one at a time as my knees were taken out from under me by the edge of the tub. Soon my ass hit the cold tile floor followed by my back and head. Water was flying everywhere as I looked up to Iris for help. Little did I realize in that moment that Iris too was on her way down. Before I knew what was happening Iris was landing squarely on top of me. I guess my death grip on her shoulder made her too lose her balance. There we were two revved up naked ladies lying on the floor of a hotel bathroom. The shower curtain was hanging by just a couple of rings and the room was filling with the spray of the shower. Did any of that stop us from reaching our orgasm? Of course NOT! We just started up where we left off before our unfortunate tumble.
Now, why dear readers did I share this tale of awkward shower sex? Because it demonstrates just one of the many risks of sex in the shower. I love shower sex. I love getting pulled into a shower with all of my clothes on and going at it but with soap and water comes some slippery issues that have to be dealt with. If you think the soap is slippery just imagine what happens if you were to say spill some of your favorite silicone lube in the shower (not recommended). It will turn your shower into a danger zone for MONTHS! You will literally need to hang a "Slippery When Wet" sign in your bathroom door. On a side note, I have always wanted one of those signs to post above my bed! Okay, so what is a shower sex lover like me to do? I could take up some yoga classes to try to beef up my balancing skills but there is actually a better solution.
My friends over at Sportsheets have come up with a whole line of Sex In the Shower toys. So for or the next couple of Blog entries I am going to go over a few of the items from this line of toys that you can find in the "Bath, Body & Wellness" section of my store.

Let's start with the Sex In The Shower device that could have saved my shower sex with Iris if we had been using it.
Sex In The Shower Dual Locking Handle

Now, I know what you are thinking. When did grandma's shower handle get here? Yep, that's what this thing looks like. True story. This device can save your sex in the shower life! The dual suction cups on the handle lock onto the wall of your shower in a secure fashion. This gives you something to grab a hold of during sex so you don't end up losing your balance like I did. If your partner starts making you weak in the knees with a mind blowing blow job just hold on tight and enjoy the ride. This handle can also help the top achieve the best position while maintaining a safe balancing act. Because it is based on suction cups this handle can be installed very easily and moved around as needed. This is the perfect shower accessory for you ladies too. Next time you shave your legs have it handy to keep you from losing your balance as you perch your leg up for shaving!

It is time you take my advice and remember NEVER have sex in the shower unless you know you have something to hold onto! Trust me you don't want to end up falling on the floor.
Materials: Hard Plastic with 2 Suction cups
Cleaning: Soap and Water
Rating: **** 4 out of 5 Stars

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